The Communard’s Prayer

by Craig Kurtz

“Do not allow yourselves to be deluded by the abstract word freedom.Whose freedom?”
— Karl Marx.

Incentives are bourgeois,
ambition is corrupt;
Commies want to make life blah
so, sybarites, the jig is up.

Poverty’s a pissing match
for martyrs who can live on weeds;
Here’s equality, with just one catch —
your comrades will define your needs.

There’s no account for spending cash,
commodities are decadent;
With so much good food in the trash
our work ethic’s itinerant.

Acquisitions are selfish,
the common weal is paramount;
Possessions are, forsooth, hellish —
ergo, privation’s bon vivant.

With scant supplies, it’s one for all,
and all for those who wangle best;
There’s no committee that’s too small
to find some recompense to wrest.

Competition is viewed askance,
so just deny that it exists;
We’re all happy as worker ants —
at least the duped initiates.

You’ll be accepted and commended
if you take on our grunt jobs;
Disbelief must be suspended
slaving for us lazy slobs.

We’re not ‘leaders’ nor ‘commissars,’
we’re democratic communards;
We’re all equal, we’re all neighbors —
but the house holds all the cards.

Incentives are rightly gainsaid
by those who have some up their sleeve;
Movements like these are always led
by goldbrick tricksters trained to thieve.

Join the revolution, my friend
but don’t expect it to join you;
Yet, there never is an end
in faith that fairy tales come true.

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