Homage To Cesar Vallejo

by John Garmon


I’ll die in Phoenix on a sunny day
Heated by crucibles of light
Floating skyward in a heat mirage
My body discovered by indigents
Yearning for a drink of water
Searching for a spot of shade
From a parapet my spirit
Will gaze down from rooftops
Soiled by multitudes of pigeons

No obituaries published
My death will not be noted
Only morgue memories
After a quick autopsy
The pathologist will say
Death from heat exhaustion
Death from simply dying
Too late to be eulogized
I will die on a Sunday
As parishioners leave mass
They may notice my body
Near an overfilled dumpster

Blackbirds will fly that day
As they fly with each death
And people will say
They think they know
Who I was and why
I died on the hot asphalt

All they will do is guess
As the heat rains down
They will stand and watch
As I am carried away

©John Garmon 2014

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