Questionable Sex by Dai Akaboshi

Questionable Sex by Dai Akaboshi

I’m not still sure
If I did some justice
For her or not.
Or even for myself.
She told me I looked
Alike but I fucked her better
But he was more gentle
And longer,
She said.

Lisa or Maria,
She introduced to Me,
sitting on the end
Of bar stool by herself,
But I forgot her name.
Or maybe trying to
Because I feel little guilty.

She seemed upset and lonely
The way, she paced herself
With her beverages.
Just like myself,
I was awfully lonely
That day.
Well, maybe I’m still.

Sat next to her, I bought
Us shots and a beer
For myself and another
Around of drink for her.
She barely talked.
Barely gave me eye contact.
But when she did, she said,
You wanna sleep with me?
I need sex.
Just nodded and told her, yes.

Then, we both drank
For a bit, came back
To my crib.
Right off, we undressed
And throwing ourselves at
The bed.

She told me she just lost
her fiancé 4 months ago
in Iraq, and what made her sad
The most was how normally she could
function with her life.
It made her mad that love,
She thought was so powerful
In different levels, so connected
But when he died, she could
Still mange her job, her Laundry,
And her life in general.

She never opened her eyes
While I was inside her,
Then, we did it again,
Twice, and a short Break.
Glasses of water.
Going back to little
More wine,
And we did it again.
Four times—kinda tired.

The next day, I woke up
I saw her tears, wetting
The pillow case. T
hen, I also notice
Mine as well.
A map of my face.
The face that I carry.
The face that she carries
From now on

Are the same…

Because that’s the face.
The face of someone
Who lost their love ones,
Gone forever.

Yet slowly, forcefully
Moving on.
I wonder now if she ever
Knew about that part of me.
But I surely hope


©2014 Dai Akaboshi



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Dai Akaboshi is an experimental writer from Japan but lives in New York City. He writes poetry, prose, play, short screenplays, and so forth. He strongly thinks English is the best language for literature, and hopefully he can be a part of the community.


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