Who Am I~ by Lorraine Walker


I am human
I am female
I am several years old
I am overweight

I am American
I am right handed in most things.
I am naïve at others.
I am a sister, a daughter, an aunt and a cousin.

I am a caretaker, and a friend
I am a pie chart with no slices
I am a crier, and a prankster
I am a collector of stamps, coins and Stephen King books

Who am I?

Intelligent and dim-witted;
Ambitious and distance:
Arrogant and shy
And ever so mixed up

Who am I?

I am depressed with manic tendencies.
I am obsessive compulsive and indifferent.
I throw it all away then pack it up again.
I am loved and hated.

I am the opposite of opposite.
I am the defense’s witness for the prosecution.
I am inept with a nose for details.
I am a broken heater on a hot day.

I am a virgin and married
I am ready to go but cannot catch a ride.
I am skinny with obesity issues
I am the end of the beginning.

That is who I am.

©2014 Lorraine Walker


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Bio:  Lorraine Walker, writes under the pen name LAW. She has been published by Artistic Muse, with a piece entitled Candle.


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