Join Hermes in a Sad Song~

by Sy Roth

Join Hermes in a Sad Song

Like a busy street–
cars dash by
unaffected by you,
a blur,

walking shade
trapped in a moment
a captured malaise,
snapshot–a nose pressed to a window
Bill Haley and the Comets in the background

taking them to a non-place
and you to underworld palaces
where creeping darkness
lurks in shadows.

Like a busy riverway
where Hermes dons a captain’s hat
readies for another midnight cruise
in a leaky boat,

you sit pressed to the window
of the wheelhouse
imagining the third ring
where Olympic heroes fell.

Like a wrecking ball
smashing the side of your building,
it crumbles into bits of dust;
the shadow of yourself sits

by the tenth-floor window
nose pressed to the leaden glass
gut-ready to plummet,
burrow beneath the earth.

Like Hermes who hums an ancient tune–
you hum along in Coldplay harmony,
your breath a foggy inscription on the window,

eyes stare back sadly
undone by the mysteries
hidden in the song.

@2014 Sy Roth

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