Reed College Supplement Essay by Charlie Keys Bohem

Reed College Supplement Essay

Concerning the liberal arts,
I’m off to a terrible start,
As it’s so often said,
Who gets in on the head,
Is oftentimes slighted in heart,
But baristas go cycling by,
In these towns where the young never die,
And I can’t help but wish
I could swim like a fish,
In the ranks of the flannelbeard fry,

Til though my convictions are weaker,
When the microbrew’s bleaker and bleaker,
I in the sea,
Of the hopeless degree,
Am a buoy in the shape of a beaker.

@ Charlie Keys Bohem 2014


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Bio: I’m a high school senior living in Los Angeles California. I’ve had stories published on Popcorn Fiction, Two Sentence Stories, Flash Fiction Magazine, Molotov Cocktail, Thick Jam, and soon on Cleaver (next issue), (December) on Yellow Mama, and The Rotary Dial. As you’ll see from the last line of this poem, I hope to be the first creatively published neuropsychopharmacologist!
Thanks, Charlie

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