Angst and Other Maladies

by John Garmon

Nervous to the point of paranoia
I drove myself by my own permission
Up forested hills and down
Into valleys of merchandise
Brilliant on glowing shelves
Shouting to be bought immediately
Anything to rip more money
From hands of dazzled customers
Angst was all over and inside me
A powerful messenger of doom
Looming in my spastic colon
Playing unsung tribal songs
Full of borderless shadows
Light through shuttered windows
Mixed with mostly darkness
I avowed a lasting sympathy
For lost ones killed in war
Then I drove through
A hail of worried words
Under an orange and purple sky
Wobbly from lack of sleep
While a truck up ahead
Veered into my lane
Sending me hesitantly
To meet my ancestors

@2014 John Garmon

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