Visions of Thorns

by Megan D. L. Konikowski

Poorly-lit recreation rooms empower stale scents of decades old décor.
Green plush cut with gray thick,
a turbulent smog brews by home design.

Passers-by painfully bear witness
to meek attempts of one’s potential while left
in trust of another-
“It was never easy,” she sighed.
The crown sank silently,
hiding the heart she knew-
one day-
she’d grow.

Wagging fingers and furled brows dance across a jaded eye line
hidden under those vicious points.
Rattling words tumble instinctually off the tongue:
You always learn the hard way.

The hard way you say?

Eyes transfixed.
Sound suspended.
Existence set in overdrive-
piercing through struggle-
ensnaring victories.

Crimson lips and bleeding hearts unfold a desire-
raw beauty-
to be shared only if wished.

My hard way is the only way.

@2014 Megan D. L. Konikowski


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Megan Konikowski is an educator and aspiring writer of poetry and short stories from a small city in upstate New York.
Mrs. Konikowski recently completed her Master’s in Education in both English and Special Ed. Her written pieces can be seen in her updated blog, The Literary Element. Her future goals include participating in educational research and writing children’s books.
When in between projects, she can be seen exploring with her husband, Jeff, or volunteering in the community.


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