Silence of Your Voice by Rajat Kumar

Silence of Your Voice by Rajat Kumar

Fallen down as shattered
Like a broken glass.
The every piece if I pick
It gives me bloody scars
So is your silence
When I speak
It defends me all the way.
Stars are bright
With the shining light.
Cry back, but you can,
But I won’t tear my eyes.
Some things are hidden
In those never spoken words
Such is the silence of your voice
But when I try to speak
It breaks me apart.
Paralyzed I am inside
From the sickness of thoughts
Confirmed is the crime of
Killing the innocence.
But the serenity still survives
Such is the silence of your voice
When I try to speak
Hollow are my words.
The temptation of the sin
Unknown paths are followed
By me or many be someone But the sin is confirmed.
Shows me the way to lie
As the truth won’t survive
And will die in my eyes
Someday like this.
Such is the silence of your voice
When I try to speak
My words are lost.

© Rajat Kumar 2014


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Bio: Rajat Kumar, an observer and a poet by nature, uses Gautam Raj as pen name. After completing his schooling in medical science from Mahendergarh(HR), he moved to Gurgaon to study Biotechnology. He first published few articles in a science journal Science Reporter. After it, released an eBook Anthology Of Rajat Mahaych, anthologies The Essence Of Eternal Happiness, When Cupid Struck its Arrow and recently got published in a literary journal in Black Magnolia, Mississippi, USA. His main poetic theme is struggle and suffering. His poetic work depicts the pain, darkness which he further represents with help of the sketches he does for his poems. Currently, he is working on his different different projects including anthologies, fictions and non fictions. He is a full time Language Instructor at Vageshwari Edutainment Pvt. Ldt(SELE). Currently he is working as web content writer at Locus RAGS.


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