by John Garmon

I dozed down in my bean bag
And woke later with a back ache
Then cranked out in my recliner
Until I snored myself awake.

Then I trudged up the stairs
And pulled the cool covers back
On the bed in the guest room
And stretched out to get some slack.

Ben Franklin used to do this
I thought as I drifted away –
Switch sleeping places on and on
Until the night gave way to day.

Then I lay beside my spouse
In the bed of America
In my dreamy little house
On the shores of insomnia.

I waited for sleep to come
But it hovered and taunted me,
Almost allowing my dreams,
Almost hypnotically.

Then red-eyed morning arose
And I got up to prepare
For another day of empty work
In the land of the sleepless stare.

©John Garmon 2014

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