Sonnet: The Bridges~ by Thomas Hall

Sonnet: The Bridges

The very dew of life lies soft and low,
Its faint humidity is mist to mind.
All of love’s senses must converge and grow,
As saplings that find and bind, a life intertwined.

Came in from Nature as therein’s the base
Black ink, pastels and thick paint up above,
In the flush of your cheeks and the hue of all races,
Its the Northern Lights dancing with us for love

The most beautiful thing you will ever behold
Is the face of your child just a few hours old,
It’s a moment in life that can’t be foretold,
Six loves intertwined and made manifold.

Crack the shell of self love to another,
Bridges to each other, mother, son or lover.

©Thomas Hall 2014


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My name is Tom Hall, this is the first time I have ever submitted a poem to be published. I received my Bachelor’s in Arts from Carleton College, My Master’s in Science from Edinburgh University and my Master’s in Arts from California State University at Fullerton. They were all earned in the 1980s and all in some form or other of English Literature. My choice of careers was in charity fundraising where I worked briefly at Chapman University as their grant writer and then the Public Law Center. There, volunteer attorneys take on civil, not criminal, cases for the poor and disenfranchised populations of Orange County, California. My title was Director of Development. My duties included the range of fund raising from grants to mailing to Special Events. I was also on the Board of Directors for AIDS WALK Orange County for six years.


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