Louie Clay Photographic Montage “Adventure & Hospitality”

Louie Clay (né Louie Crew)

Louie Clay (né Louie Crew) Photographic Montage “Adventure & Hospitality”

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Bio: Louie Clay (né Louie Crew): Clay’s photography has appeared in Annapuma Magazine, Centrifugal Eye, DailyOffice.org, East Lit, Impact Magazine, Lief Magazine, The Living Church, Meadowland Review, Munyori Literary Journal, My Left Handed Magazine, Rose Red Review, South Florida Arts Review, Souvenir: A Journal, Subliminal Interiors, The Taj Mahal Review, Tattoo Highway, Third Wednesday, Voice Online and Wild: A Quarterly. Editors have published 2,348 of his essays, poems and photographs. He is an emeritus professor at Rutgers.

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Clay has edited special issues of College English and Margins. You can follow his work Website: Publications of Louie Clay 

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