The Driveway Up The Hill~ by Diamondra Rakotomahefa


Glowing sunset
painting of abominable blood,
spirit and death what you seek,
the threshold of your lives trampled up,

My steps, true black petals,
the deafening screams
and cracks in the blue water
clouds and ghosts ballet,

The dark woman with naked breast
silvery pallet burning,
disaster, bewitchment shouting,
that breaks off my creatures.

Clock chimes, how bird flies,
a creator of satiation,
force to chastise, weakness
each monsters of the truth.

Stones that hidden,
countless leaves crying, sad,
any request that pour,
swarms hurt the being.

It is the domain of mysterious.
to return despite the canvas.

©2014 Diamondra Rakotomahefa


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Diamondra Rakotomahefa has been published in “The Mamba-The Official Journal of Africa Haiku Network,” and is the author of L’enfant du sang.


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