Peregrine Winds~

by Sy Roth

Peregrine Winds
by Sy Roth

In morning mist eaten by an indolent sun,
she strode in the west
arms robot dancing to the plucked strings of her shamisen.
Discordant vowels, followed by non-rhyming verses
wrapped in her circling ambulation
followed along the path of her.
Round the court, porcelain figure,
her getas wore tracks
scraping kutani markings into the asphalt.
Wind from her flailing arms
kicked up.
Plucked my hair into a comb-over ponytail
high into the air.
Her peregrine winds
swirled around,
rajioo taisou in her mind.
Arms, cutting a counterclockwise path,
whipped the wind that traveled my way.
I watched the morning,
as she slipped into its folds,
confines of memory.
And the winds
slapped a relentless beat-box against my ears
in reminiscence.

©2014 Sy Roth

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