Haiku~ by Jessy Bissal


Haiku Anthology by Jessy Bissal

and just like that you
remind me of a Paris
dream I never had

seductively quiet,
“some assholes can be charming”
I think, as I blush

blood, like wine, stains – though
one because of pain, and one,
a celebration


a thousand roaches
start dancing on my arm when
you say “I love you”

you’re the stench and stain
that Jasmine and Lilly fields
could never replace

he is noble who
gives them what they need and not
what they desire


and I’d wear a dress
but it’s too cold my friend
the times are too cold

some thoughts you don’t share
though I understand them well
as I hide them too

I like being left
alone if it means I can
be alone with you


some smiles are tears and
some tears, smiles but only he
knows the difference

and by the power
invested in me: pen and
paper, I thee wed

for those of us whose
lovers are far away, soft
socks will serve as warmth


some things I don’t doubt:
that human beings are quite flawed
and that I love you

a string is a string
when a string isn’t busy
being a deadly noose

a friendship is a
lottery: to win you must
choose the right numbers

Haiku Anthology by Jessy Bissal


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