Jessy Bissal~

Tanka Collection

Tanka by Jessy Bissal

because I cannot
submit to the status quo
I’ll enforce the change
on the vast circumstances
and make them submit to me

warm liquid oozing-
residues of milk chocolate
dripping on my skin
as olfactory sense weeps:
“why do you make me your slave?”

you are
the victim
of my pen
as I play with the words
that will immortalize (annihilate?) you


how can I believe
when all I see, hear, read, feel,
lead to more chaos,
terrorism and harsh wars
with people killing, for “GOD”

it’s best not to think
when thoughts are disturbingly
macabre and grim
as the unknown is often
the least desired musing

a dominatrix:
it is never submitting
but only commands
the meek in need of mercy,
and leisure, to smell a rose


if beats were lovers
they would pulsate and hold hands
grinding and dancing-
the result of their friction
culminating in music

they evict owners-
funambulists, anarchists
of the human land,
kittens appear angelic
but are covert masterminds

defying the norms,
while bending over slowly
the pair get ready
to share their warm affections
and dreams of a family


it’s never easy
but I’ve tried hardest with you
my patient heathen,
our words intertwined like lace-
warm blends of untainted love

wonder is fragile,
like delicate sentiments-
and pink marshmallows,
dipped in caramel syrup,
served by a lover, with love

“not sleepy”, said the
insomniac, fluttering
his eyelids slowly
collapsing into a deep
dream-filled, and soothing warm sleep


always a pleasure
to meet other fellow poets
caught in the midst of
greatness; that ominous curse
that destroys while creating

fellow scriveners:
your grim words remind me of
my own: dark blue hymns –
as writers capture
whispers, thoughts, and emotions

If words were flowers
I’d collect them all for you
and place them on your
chest so when you’d wake their scent
could help you forgive my sins.

Tanka by Jessy Bissal


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