Garden of Youth by Yoshay Lama Lindblom 


Garden of Youth

There is a place
somewhere deep inside
where a garden of youth still prevails

Roses with cashmere petals
Lilies of immaculate white
Daisies pushing up together with nettles
and Peonies dressed in colours so bright

One moment here
and the other there
with winged feet
you fleet
like Hermes
from one world
to another

the world below
and you above
what land?
what country?
you cannot win
riding the wings
of love?

The breeze that blows
ever so gentle
a story from the future it holds

A time
when dreams that flew
on the wings of love
will on the ground,
begin to crawl

when love in your heart
grows old and shrivels
although not quite completely depart

when you find yourself
in a place
you no longer care to dwell
when the lover inside
has left in haste
and the unsentimental
laughs and scorns
at years bygone
reminding you that
you are now
but an empty vessel

the breeze then
will blow again
bringing to you
a hushed tale
of a time
of the years
of nothing
but love

you look inside
and you shall see
that there is a place
inside yet
where a garden of youth
still prevails

©2014 Yoshay Lama Lindblom

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