Angela's Right Hand~ by Ginna Wilkerson

Angela's Right Hand by Ginna Wilkerson

Angela’s Right Hand

The function of a human hand?
Writing email, making a bed, opening a jar, pouring a drink,
putting on pantyhose, touching the face of a child or a lover.

And in its absence?
Yawning space and phantom pain and an oddly-shaped bandage
at the end of Angie’s arm.

PFC Hernandez, home in El Paso, watches her family watching her
writing awkwardly with her left hand, brushing her black wavy hair,
watching Top Chef wearing an old gray-green T-shirt
bearing the faded words “Proud to be a Marine.”

At night, she wakes from thick, dusty dreams
of shimmering, endless heat,
soldiers voices filled with fear and tension…
and the dreaded but half expected roar of fiery amber flash
breaking the stillness.

Metal sears through the night and Angela’s right hand.

 © 2014 –Ginna Wilkerson


One thought on “Angela’s Right Hand by Ginna Wilkerson

  1. This is a real and poignant piece that is both literal and carries a powerful metaphor for everyone who gave and lost even the smallest part of their soul serving their country. A fitting and real solute…thank you for this Ginna…

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