Misplaced Honor for my Grandfather on Memorial Day~ by Robert Gibbons

for Sam Edwards

Misplaced Honor for my Grandfather on Memorial Day by Robert Gibbons

Misplaced Honor for my Grandfather on Memorial Day

he is forgotten with the rifle
left in the closet; his nagging ache
to lay beneath his green truck
as to shell shock; to not remember
not to tell us his past; how he met
my grandmother in the Military District
catching a train one day and they were married

I did not know my grandfather as soldier
he never talked about it; only his benefits
lay on top the television in piles
of memory; maybe I should celebrate
or remember or memorialize, but
ignore him like his legs as amputee
wanting someone to acknowledge
like him and his diabetic toe and his gout
the route he took and forsook

he is forgotten and how many more
of him lay in state in family archives
beneath wile and tale; his tragic ending
the apprehending madness late in life
and then his gray hair I remember as halo
his savior to be called grandfather with
big pants; I could stick both legs into
and he would not join the church, but
he searched behind his coffee breath
towards his long ride to immortality

his day is forever; his body of services
is important to me; so because he
is still here I am truly free, I am truly

© 2014 Robert Gibbons

for Sam Edwards


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Bio: Robert moved to New York City in the summer of 2007 in search of his muse, Langston Hughes. His first collection of poetry, Close to the Tree, was published by Three Rooms Press (2012). His recent publishing credits include Suisun Valley Review (2014); Deep Water Literary (2014); and Turtle Island Quarterly (2014).


One thought on “Misplaced Honor for my Grandfather on Memorial Day by Robert Gibbons

  1. Susan Leeling

    I really enjoyed this tribute to your grandfather. You showed me his wisdom, patriotism, love of family and his character. Thank you for sharing.

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