Haiku~ by John Flynn

Haiku~ by John Flynn

After death we are
reunited with parents.
A short glimpse would do.

Our heavenly house
is built of jasper. My choice
would be cedar logs.

Resurrection of
the body? Who wants this old
heap of warts and pain.


They closed the casket.
Her eyes were shut anyway.
Black is God’s color.

Furyu: the sadness
of watching cherry blossoms
beside a river.

My friend cuts fugu
for the first time; the dinner:
jumping from a cliff.


Very teacher, he said,
about the dowdy woman
at the next table.

On Athletes Day
at school little boys and girls
beat men at races.

Daikon legs: thick calves
of farm women on a train
to city shopping.

Haiku by John Flynn
Image Courtesy of Dave Smith


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