Mad For Worms

by John Garmon

Mad for worms I ran through episodes of underground movies
Worm bait I introduced myself to passing suspensions of time

The world seemed afflicted by a spinal injury caused by worms
Winter made its bed in worms beneath my weakening foundation

We were going out to the beach at San Clemente picking worms
We were going to be back before the final waves of wet worms

Back at our wormy house someone forgot and left the lights on
The electric bill was worming to be considered worthy of being paid

Mad for worms the world was digging deeper than the usual topsoil
We could have told them if they had asked there are no worms that deep

A bakery truck drove by and dropped a loaf of whole wheat worm bread
We grabbed our peanut butter and sat on the curb and ate worm toast

The chancellor in his elegant worm-mobile gave us a slick wet look
His chauffer smiled and tipped a can of worms in our direction

Up and down the California coast the worms were boisterous
They asked for a bit of time to interrogate the dominant ideology

Mad for worms we noticed the police cars swarming towards us
Their lights were spinning worms red and blue and sirens shrilled

It was time to go home and count our worm blessings from the day
We had a good dinner of worm soup followed by hot Frito pie

©2014 John Garmon

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