The Revolutionaries Ball by Craig Kurtz

“Combien de fous prend-il pour faire un public?”
— Sébastien-Roch Nicolas Chamfort.

Let us storm the Bastille
and put all monarchs in the stocks;
It’s all for one and free-for-all
at the Revolutionaries Ball.
Let us breach the barricades
and pillory the idle rich;
Now’s the time for socialists
to speechify and purge the banks.

Nobility is medieval
and modern times inflammate;
The flag of demos is ascending,
kings and queens are nigh kaput;
Peasants sharpen pitchforks,
court jesters switch allegiance;
The barristers consult soothsayers,
bedlamites are picking locks;
All emperors deserve leg-irons,
send the gentry to the Devil;
Captains and lieutenants heel,
plebeians have seized the state;
The vassals dance, the vodka flows;
accordions play L’Internationale.
A plague on the royalty,
caviar to the great unwashed!

The royalty is in effigy,
broadsheets are incendiary;
Secret societies foment sedition,
cannon balls make turrets fall;
Academies crawl with anarchists,
pedagogues conspire against the Crown;
Breadlines doom the depraved reign
while nitroglycerin gallivants;
Regal taxes lit the match,
factories fed the flames;
Courtiers and diplomats exchange
champagne and truffles for soup vouchers;
Committees issue concordats
and sans-culottes seize telegraphs;
Palace guards defect their swords,
it’s SRO at the gallows pole.

Lets us banish aristocrats
and elevate the underclass;
It’s liberté and fraternité
as we kibosh the bourgeoisie!
Expropriate the upper crust
and legislate a universal trust;
It’s all for one and a free fall
at the Revolutionaries Ball.

@2014 Craig Kurtz

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