Melancholy~ by Deise Puga

Melancholy (English)~

Leaves on the ground …
A cold wind cutting through the windows of the soul.
Here I am… So naked…
My lost eyes, rethinking this endless night.

Comes the thirsty and I feel the hunger of the rejected…
But the chilly wind seems to numb the senses.

I’ll …

In black and white,
opening doors, drawers, basements …
Where to arrive?
Only the night knows the answer.

Melancolia (Português)~

Folhas no chão…
Um vento frio penetrando as janelas da alma.
Aqui estou eu… Tão nua…
Olhos perdidos, passando a limpo esta noite infinda.

Chega a sede e sinto a fome dos enjeitados…
Mas o vento frio parece anestesiar os sentidos.

E assim,
vou eu…

Em negro e branco,
abrindo portas, gavetas, porões…
Onde chegar?
Só a noite sabe a resposta.

Melancolía (Español)~

Hojas en el suelo …
Un viento frío penetrando las ventanas del alma.
Aquí estoy yo … Tan desnuda …
Ojos perdidos, repensando esta noche interminable.

Viene la sed y siento el hambre de los rechazados …
Pero el viento atroz parece adormecer los sentidos.

Y así
me voy…

En blanco y negro,
abriendo, cajones, sótanos, las puertas…
Dónde llegar?
Sólo la noche sabrá la respuesta.

©Deise Puga  

Melancholy~, has been written in english and translated in to both portuguese and spanish by poet Deise Puga all rights are reserve


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Bio: Deise Puga is a Brazilian psychologist residing in the city of Rio de Janeiro, her passion is writing poetry.


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2 thoughts on “Melancholy (English) / Melancolia ( Português) / Melancolía (Español) by Deise Puga

  1. Sunil Kumar Bhattoo

    Very sensuous and aesthetic..
    I loved it..
    Sometime i feel where from thease people bring such imagination..
    thank you very much to poet who created it..
    It’s simply awesome..
    Keep it up..

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