MultiLingual and Multimeida Submissions on BlogNostics

Note from the Editor

As you have seen, the last couple weeks brought a huge change to BN~, we began offering multiple language versions of poetry beginning with two compositions by new BN~ contributor, Brazilian poet, Deise Puga. We would like to take this opportunity to offer the same courtesy to our existing contributors. If you have multiple language translations of your work, you may submit them throughout the submissions manager. Translations of existing pieces will be placed side-by-side and republished with links, New material will be promoted in the same manner. We also would like to open up the new multimedia area on BN~ by putting out a call for audio or audio-visual readings of poems. If you have the ability to record from your computer and wish to submit these readings, you can submit them by email us at: For media files that are too large for ,contact us about sending these via DropBox. I want to begin to expand this into a full series of multimedia efforts that include classes on writing poetry, creating art, lessons, techniques tips, and even interviews with our artists and writers. Any suggestions? That’s what this group is for! Thanks, and looking forward to a year of growth and success for everyone here. Show Us You. Dave Smith Editor, BN~


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