Word Play~

by Janaki Nagaraj

Word Play~ by Janaki Nagaraj

Eyes glazed and popping
Lids pulled back
Staring unblinkingly
Like a fish…
I cannot sleep unless
They are put on paper .
They are playing hide and seek with me
And I seek them
I find a couple of them in the closet
A few behind the door,
Springing a surprise and
Making me jump
Many I found under the bed
Giggling like kids
Irritated, I pull one of them out
By the wrist,
They all come out stringed
Holding each others’ hand
“Come on guys, be reasonable,
We have a poem to write,”
I reprimand them
They giggled louder
Like errant kids
I mother and discipline them
Containing them in a poem.

©Janaki Nagaraj 2014


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