She by Deise Puga

She (english)

She crosses her legs
And the world is silent.
A heart loses
the speech.
A word is
Knees perfect
It is poetry…
She calls me.
She communes me…
I think she
And with eyes closed
In bed I can see her
Sitting, legs crossed,
Seduction almost endless…
She is poetry dying
Of desire within me…

Ela ( portuguese)

Ela cruza as pernas.
E o mundo está em silêncio.
O coração perde
a fala.
A palavra é
Joelhos perfeitos
é pura poesia …
Ela me chama.
Ela me comunga …
Sinto que ela
Urge …
E com os olhos fechados
Na cama eu posso vê-l
sentada, pernas cruzadas,
Sedução quase infinita …
Ela é poesia morrendo
de desejo dentro de mim …


Ella ( spanish)

Ella cruza las piernas.
Y el mundo está en silencio.
El corazón pierde
la habla.
La palabra es
Rodillas perfectas
es pura poesía …
Ella me llama.
Ella me comulga …
Siento que ella
urge …
Y con los ojos cerrados
En la cama puedo verla.
Sentada, las piernas cruzadas,
És seducción casi interminable …
Ella és poesía muriendo
de deseo dentro de mí …

©Deise Puga


She~, has been written in english and translated in to both portuguese and spanish by poet Deise Puga all rights are reserve

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Deise Puga is a Brazilian psychologist residing in the city of Rio de Janeiro, her passion is writing poetry.


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13 thoughts on “She by Deise Puga

  1. This is a poem written by a psychologist very conscious of words and knows the art of body language it seems…but the poet in her is predominant than the professional psychologist in her career while the poet is on writing table…..but awareness on learned matters reflect in lines of this poet …love the way of her lines…

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