Burnt Black Documents~ by John Garmon

Burnt Black Documents

Kept libraries burning

For the old days when dogs wagged happy tails

Then the o gods were born

Curse words consisting mainly of f-bombs and mofos


And government spending went overboard as usual

My guts started aching

Ashes of documents were unreadable

Librarians engaged in loose gangs of hooligans

Bloody gums looked like lipstick

A man knocked on the door and delivered a telegram

Pretending modern times no longer existed


But we found ourselves

In a leaking rowboat without oars

Far from the capsized shoreline


Who burned the documents

Became a question shrouded by enemy fog

A mist came down and blinded us like smoke

It was agreed

We needed the wood in the fence for a fire

Someone would someday use

To burn the documents.

@John Garmon 2014

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