WS5- Resurgence~ by Gerald Saidi

Resurgence~ by Gerald Saidi

here is a magnum of talent
that can quench a wildfire of poetic appetite
of the color of literal satisfaction
spreading golden flecks of masterful creativity
emitting steamy expressions through the loft
delivery luminescent motivation
reviving pallid scenes from vernacular life
ushering purity of thought
touching invisible sensations in hearts
a reward of the labor of imagination
a mirror of creative circuits of passion
a value of poetic manna
rubbing off feckless comments
a hive of grafted creative perspectives
giving birth to supple vocabulary
balanced in dulcet tones
erasing shallow imaginative plots
and dried ideas from taking poetic shape
haunted by seasons of unrecorded memories
writing to eternal bliss
surviving the calumny of undesired criticism
taking immediate hold of the steering heel of creativity
infatuated with creation
to deliver inspiration at its best

©Gerald Saidi 2014

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