From Your Swelling Badass Haiku

by John Garmon


You enjoyed teasing with few words

Dreaming your imagined readers would suffer

Until they found ecstasy in comprehension

Crossing the blood of your eyes

You toiled alone with your diminishing voice

Until a wandering flock of geese found their water

In a pond of pure delight

In a few words as in a haiku

And your martyred embroidery of the scene

Became a long narrative in the style of Frost

Although not of the quality

And you remembered the quilt of your hands

Smoothing like silk the muck of the seams

In your swelling stomach

Thinking you might be pregnant with few words

Enough to hear your ears crashing on rocks

Where waves come in

And surfers swim out

To ride a rising crest

As one might swell a haiku

As badass as they come

Ecstatic in understanding.

©John Garmon 2014

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