Love And Sex~ by John Powers

I feel a momentum
so strong I have to go on,
I mean forgetting about
pretending to use words
for meaning, I find myself
arrested, alarmed.
Sentimental music drifts
into my mind like a curse,
saying I should know better,
forgive the linear diversion!
Like I was saying,
I’m not about to believe
pain is meaningful,
though its allure makes me think…
Get back to the problem,
say to myself, how words deny
truth by their very nature,
and if you’ve come this far
you must be expecting
some thing. My hands look
foreign, when I wake up
in the middle of the night
and I put my glasses on
I notice tributaries, great rivers
beyond the surface,
love is a jewel in your hand,
your hand is shivering,
I’ve invited you to my place,
I know that I’m old enough
to be your father but I’m not
your father, anyway—
I keep forgetting where I came in.

©John Powers, 2013


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Bio: I hail from New York City, presently live in central London, have had a book of poetry self-published and several poems and essays published in magazines in the United States. I also am a playwright and have had a couple of plays performed in San Francisco.


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