A Russian Name~ by Sy Roth

A Russian Name

skin, blue-green on the pier of her dewy morning
dit-datting hope as a train slips away in the graying mist.
tattered clothing barely clings to her withered frame,
waxen arms clinging to a squirming, mewling bundle.
green lanterns eyes praying to it in her sodden world.

she barely keeps pace with the moving cattle car.
its riders za zen knowing their own fate.
the spent, mother tosses the bundle into their midst,
her eyes a receding memory.
only “Give her a Russian name”
whispered into the chattering train’s wheels
accompany id by their silence.

they have no milk
kindness absconded with it.
in the rear, one teeth clenched, whispered,
“I will tell,” eyes aglow.
she did.
they watched the bundle ripped from them
carried like trash from a guard’s hand,
broken like a ruler over his knee.

they wept in silence,
it had no Russian name.
alone, she mouthed kahroshi.

©Sy Roth, 2013

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