The Poet . . . ( Referencing Moonglow, )~ by Thom Douglas Carlisle

Novels, novellas, writers of documents and manuscripts, Bred of grace and order,

What makes a ‘Fellow-of-Letters’ construct for the mind that which the eye Can never see?

New passive resident in moments of ancient breathing, held down, bound tightly In this ethereal, far dimension,

Forged in the common-ceremony of, ‘Feather and Parchment’, My nimble fingers probe each new unfolding leaf.

And with more than subtle indifference I do now advance Myself In the Far Echos and the Long Art.

©Thom Douglas Carlisle ( Irish Tommy Moran / Ireland / 2013 )



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Bio: I am an Irish Poet now living ( with citizenship, ) Ireland. I moved over here from the US back in 2007 and I continue my work with little interruption. All of my “Moran” ancestry are here.

Thom Douglas Carlisle ( Irish Tommy Moran )


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