The Magnum Orchid~ by Simon Lenthen

The Magnum Orchid~ by Simon Lenthen

In her mirror she sees her pallid face.
Reflecting years, haunted eyes, skin
dried with age and calumny,

He works tirelessly,
propagating his reward
in the wildfire of inspiration

In her window, the golden glow
emanates from the glasshouse
his movements invisible but for
his shadow moving in the luminescent night.

He seeks purity, in the bloom
grafted onto moss, its petals
balanced in the eternal sunlight
colour of her skin,
when she was supple under his caressing hand.

In the wine-glass, she drinks
in memories they gave each other
the value of immediate passion,
the whispered sigh and answering bliss

he has moved to the glasshouse now
concentrating on a feckless flower
while she languishes in the darkened loft
drowning in the shallow night

©Simon Lenthen, 2013

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