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Lisa Brandel

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Not by standard measures, but by expression. Relatively new to the world of art Lisa has taken a very visual literary talent and applied it to canvas. Her style is a comfortable cross between neo impressionism, abstraction, and expressionism. The lines are course, the colors vivid, and the mood is multi-layered.

In a series depicting a moment/story of several kinds of cancer Lisa captures and conveys emotion that requires the viewer to watch more than look. The art cannot be appreciated at face value in any light; it has to be taken in. The experience is compelling, telling, and will always give you pause for thought. The stories that Lisa’s art tell cut to the core of mortality in a way that gives us all room to find a place in the painting. Patient, caregiver, friend or family; there is a place for each of us to fit in and become part of it.

There is color, texture, depth and emotion in everything Lisa paints. Using techniques of black light paint in combination with acrylics, the art achieves a kind of fourth dimension both visually and on a spiritual level. Like classic literature you can visit the art time and time again, finding something new with each experience, and you will find a place within the art, and it will find a place within you.

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