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Was born William Nixon Johns and worked as an Illustrator for 25 years under the name of Nick Rose. During that time he was trained by 3 Masters. Daniel Horne, Todd Lockwood and Jeffery Catherine Jones. As an Illustrator he was featured in 21 interviews, 4 radio programs, featured in a Television commercial, Interviewed on Blog radio 7 times and featured in a documentary named “The Kings of Scream.”

Nixion Johns gained a Facebook following of over 17,000 fans in just two years and had over 4000 readers on his blog “Every Rose has it’s Thorn” His work and himself was featured at main Fantasy attractions such as Dragoncon in Atlanta, Gencon in Indianapolis, and over 50 others.

In 2011 he retired from Illustration and decided to pursue a career as a traditional artist. Using the training given to him by Masters, he is blazing a new trail with all new work. He has moved from doing “Dark” art to doing classical sexy paintings of the female figure. His work is surely to become highly collectable like his “Nick Rose” work, that sold before the paint was dry the last 2 years of his Illustration Career.

He is currently working on 3 paintings of Mark Farner, the “former” lead singer, songwriter and guitar player for the legendary band Grand Funk Railroad. The Lithographs will be numbered and signed by Nixon Johns and Mark Farner and for sale to all of Mark’s fans.

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