Scarlet~ by Janaki Nagaraj

I glanced at my color-stained hand as I take a drag from the cigarette. I looked at you, blissfully conked off. Why are you men like that? We were sharing such a beautiful and intimate moment minutes before. You were oozing testosterone and now… snoring softly, so peaceful as if the storm had not raged at all. Such a contrast, why can’t you linger and relish such a passionate moment where there’s nothing between us but a feeling innate.

You had taken my hand and had dipped it in the colors and started to sing softly in my ears – “Something got a hold of my heart” as we tried to make sense out of nonsense, something out of nothing on the blank canvas as you sang – “Changing the grey, changing the blue…scarlet for me and scarlet for you”, and you kissed my neck slowly and surely… “dragging my soul to a beautiful land.”

Now, as the smoke curled up, I glanced at all the portraits of me which you have painted, capturing more than the eyes can see, infusing more life than there actually is… a beauty which you see and salvage, making me more ethereal.

I had asked you – “How do you do you do it?” And you sang (which by now I had understood was a way of expressing your feelings) “When you love a woman, you feel it inside her.” Surprised, I turned to face you and asked teasingly – “So, do you love me?” Smiling you turned away humming – “I don’t know how you do it, making love out of nothing at all.”

You don’t say, you don’t share yet there is a spark which I can feel – “Making me smile, making me frown.”

Now, lying beside you, I watch you sleep; savoring you, savoring the moment as if the time stood still for us.

All we have is now. I snuggle beside you and remember the song once you sang for me – “The room at the top of the stairs, And I know a woman who meets me there, She takes my hand and gently leads me…we find love waiting there.”

All I can feel is the warmth spreading over me as you take me in your arms.

©Janaki Nagaraj 2011

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