Boarded Up~ by Slim

Boarded Up~ by Slim

She crouched naked and shivering on an old white rug in the corner, rocking to and fro with her knees pressed tight to her chin, trying to hold onto what was left of her dignity. In a room that was crumbling and mostly forgotten, the window boarded up with cardboard and duct tape.

“Is this going to hurt?”

The man stood at the doorway. His skin was sallow in the dim light. He dropped his toolbox and stared at the floor in front of her feet.

“Yes. A little.”

“And then what?”

He walked over to the window and pulled back a strip of tape, bending back the cardboard to take a look outside. He lifted his binoculars. Through the swirling dust he made out an empty chicken coop. A rusty tractor carcass. Out past the yard stretched fields of parched grass and the spiny silhouettes of dead trees. The sky was bloated, streaming with a grey catarrh. The lack of visibility was making him uneasy. He needed to get away from there. He returned to his toolbox and set to work on her. He laid out the paints and used the tattoo gun first, covering her arms and shoulders with tribal symbols. Her hair he washed in old car grease and oil, matting the ends and winding them around in dreadlocks.

©Slim 2011

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