Okras~ by Willow Rose

I sits here and wonders
’bout questions to God
Like why he made okra so slimy
and why avocadoes gots seeds.
I guess those is my vegetable questions.

Then I sits here and wonders
why I just sits here and wonders
and why I isn’t out lookin…
So I looks .
So I sees.

I sees trees.
I sees trees which is pretty bright green,
and trees which is all dead and twisted
with white and light yellow blue lace.
I sees things like patterns
in all stuffs around me,
Like which things is lopsided
and which things isn’t shaded right
and sometimes little tiny things which is perfect
but most the time
nobody notices.

Then I gives up for a while
and goes to look for
sumthin to eat.

But not okras.

©Willow Rose 2011



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