Tree Of Life

by Neil Chatterton

Your acceptance never questioned
Engaged with open arms
Then why chose me?

Though we had our moments
Storm clouds
Ever present
Epic exchanges
Indoors or not
You screaming
Who could compete
Your lungs
Never seemed to lack

I never wanted to
In reality.
And that is why you
Splayed here
Must be ready for

I almost forgot your beauty
I almost made my life irrelevant.

Your brilliance
Always a captive audience
Lapping up your doctrine
Never spilling a drop.

Did you ever tire
Of the smiles and laughter
That echoed
Whenever you appeared.
A never ending song
I could not abide.

My incredulity
Made me an outcast
They whispered
Your nod
Validation of
Their life. Their power.

What to do now, my love!
Safe in the knowledge
That your seditious melody
Will never again
Pass through your sweet lips,
Unless per chance
There is an utterance of regret.

Were I to release a single limb
From your tree
Would you counter with a confession
Of you
By you
Not for you
Riveting, of course!
Uncontrollable tears, of course!

Abhorred by your minions
Against their belief
In you
Yet I see only
Fear and loathing
A recurring theme
That only repeats
Itself for me

Time to leave
My love.
Know that I wrestled
My heart
My head
My gut
A contest like no other.
Each voice separate
Yet together
A cacophony of
Nonsensical jibber-jabber.

I will have you know
Much like my questioning
Will be
My sweet.
Who but you
Would expect
This pathological doer
To exhibit
Such calm
While those satiated fires
Burn inside
For the next

©Neil Chatterton 2012

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