A Love Before, Lost and Again

by Ron Reed

here is something new afoot
it has wings
a delicate bubble, translucent and elusive
a seductive vision
as an obsessive dream
a glowing inspiration afloat
how can it not be as perfect as the dream
how can it be less

my life travels among the clouds
with momentary clarity
the horizon rises and falls
in contour and contrast
where the shadows gather as an audience
and the sea rushes in to catch a glimpse
lazily receding to make room, to watch

this feeling of hope is so strong
it begs to be heard
it screams to be touched, taken in, breathed
I will remind you of this love
it is sad without somewhere to live
I will cut through the shadows
to be at your side
and lay the dangerous dark open, exposed and diminished

there will be a touch
so soft, so gentle it will race your pulse
sweet smelling taste
an orgasm of all senses
allegro, adagio, crescendo
and we will lie still, entwined
collecting, renewing
and meet again


©Ron Reed 2011


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