Vapor~ by Ron Reed

Vapor by Ron Reed

Oh, the bilious progression of moral purpose
a subjective expression toward enlightenment
each morning portends new chance
to sort convoluted dreams and desire,
to avert devolution and ruination
to be well and unique

An altruism turned to comedy by contradictions
idolization reduced to empty memories
an inversion of dreams like smoke in the wind
the inamorato faces a riot of emotion
to heal and grow from circumstances
To regain a posture of integrity

As we fall and stand again
the rewards change and grow
an upward helix journey
to solitude and solidarity of soul
a pure existence without ploy
a new beginning

Power-lust abandoned
humility embraced
to rise again to the light
as the phoenix
and flay the looter of spirit
to vapor

©Ron Reed 2012


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