The Progression of Looters~ by Simon Lenthen

The Progression of Looters~ by Simon Lenthen

A morning riot
Loud and convoluted
Breathing into alleys
Breaking windows for ill-gotten rewards
Spraying their expression of anger
In a rain of Molotov cocktails

The police, with moral purpose,
with power-lust inversion of integrity
wall up as contradictions to looter idolization
And on a helix of devolution
officers call for the ruination
Of an already bilious social fabric

A morning riot
Twisting the spirit of altruism
Into contradictions of anger and justice
Pushes into the wall of police
With cliché and fury
With comedy and insults

A ploy that makes a Karma Sutra
Of violence
Of implicit circumstances
Looter and policeman
In defiance of each other.

©Simon Lenthen  2012

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