Masked~ by Janaki Nagaraj

Masked~ by Janaki Nagaraj

Inamorato, your power-lust nature,
And the devolution you fake…

Shackled by morals
Wish I could see through your ploy.
The looter you are, of my heart
Idolization has made me blind
Falling through the helix,
Pronouncing my ruination
Expressions of love
Filled with contradictions
Causing a riot of thoughts
Convoluted thinking, testing my integrity
Making me bilious
The present circumstances
Not helping at all.
Using my altruism as a shield
To serve your purpose
Causing an inversion of my world….
Isn’t life a comedy of my errors?

As the morning sun rises
With a promise of a new day
I try to make progression
Towards balance and some semblance.

©Janaki Nagaraj 2012

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