Inside Dr. Jekyll's Head~ by Yoshay Lama Lindblom

Inside Dr. Jekyll's Head by Yoshay Lama Lindblom

Contradictions surround like a bilious ache,
altruism on one hand my character shapes.

Moral integrity mirroring my day’s mantra,
a fine ploy but nonetheless an affected dogma.

Convoluted circumstances, a likely answer,
devolution however, nourishes my anger.

Progression by night comes with such a relief,
A comedy indeed! in my life of grief.

Rewards of gratification breathe in these alleys,
Purpose of vengeance for me, the night carries.

Power-lust, invincibility, by night I portray
an inversion to my life-saving craft by day.

My own helix of shadows versus light.
A riot of rendezvous I live by night,

Inamorato I am, to most femme fatales,
their ends however lie secretly in my hands.

Compassion my expression by morning holds,
a looter of innocent lives, by evening unfolds.

Ruination perhaps is my second name,
of that, most certainly, I am not ashamed.

Idolization in any case I seek not,
but for my crimes I wish never to be caught.

©Yoshay Lama Lindblom 2012

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