Comedic Plight~ by Rachel Hoyt

Comedic Plight~ by Rachel Hoyt

My life is no helix of kind circumstances.
I just live with a purpose and take my chances
That this bilious feeling that wakes me each day
Will somehow, someday go away.

Fanfarons fake morals and integrity,
But their contradictions are easy for me to see.
Possessed with percolating power-lust,
I find most people don’t deserve trust.

Looters of life, inamoratos of none –
The age of self-idolization has begun.
This inversion of altruism is not ‘a riot’.
Progression of such expression should be quiet.

Devolution reaps convoluted rewards.
My ploy is to stand separate from the horde.
Seeing mostly ‘comedy’ morning, noon, and night,
I avoid ruination and continue on my plight.

©Rachel Hoyt 2012

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