I Found a Lonely Me… ~by Anshul Gautam

WS1 I Found a Lonely Me… by Anshul Gautam

Feeble dimmed steps,
Irradiated my eyes
Quilt’s beneath;
Awakened me
From lust in ream,
And broke the infatuated dream.
I moved to see,
I heard some heart throbs;
I found a lonely me.
It looked like day;
Or may be moonlight,
I say.
Fog with desire,
Impounded with ire,
Showed its love,
On my glassy window;
Their sexual intimacy,
Was there at show;
Passion in their cosmos,
Which I couldn’t mow.

I rattled my door,
On seeing some creepy,
Scattered on its floor.
A gush of wind filled,
My spines turned cold,
And my eyes spilled.
Am I still sleepy?
Flying high dreamy?
I saw
My road an ice rink,
Heavenly trees around,
With every eye blink.
With ecstasy of flowering,
Nostalgic vibes revived,
Led by snow showering.
Our being in love,
Together and passionate;
Clavering with words,
Which never went straight.

I remember,
The erotic fencing
Where we were member,
You and I,
Devoted to one another.
It was so cold,
But it seemed ravishing,
When I imagined you,
Sitting and smiling,
Airing your timeless beauty.
I jolted
When I saw my lady;
Dressed in white,
She looked so sexy.
She was waiving from hills,
I ran towards her,
Head over heels.
But as I reached to see,
I heard quick heart throbs;
And then
I found a lonely me.

©by Anshul Gautam 2011

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