Dreamy Desires~ by Deborah McConnell

Dreamy Desires~ by Deborah McConnell

He walked in her life and time stood still,
this beautiful sexy man now dominates her every thought.
She is infatuated with him and the power he has over her,
the power that has awaken a part of her she thought was lost.

His voice lingers long after their call,
leaving her body aching for his touch.
She was falling head over heels in love with him,
and they’ve never met.

Dreamy nights of passionate love -making,
keep her in a state of heated desire.
Lust for him takes control and her need empowers her,
the erotic images of him ravishing her body invades her sleep.

She closes her eyes and she feels him kissing her,
caressing her body, in ways only he knows how.
With every kiss, every touch she arches her body to him,
begging him to take her fully and ease the longing burning deep within her.

He’s a devoted lover and slowly brings her to the edge many times,
and the need to have him overwhelms her.
Feeling her need as his own passion and need takes over,
he slowly enters her as she moans softy.

Their bodies’ matching each other’s thrust,
moving perfectly as one.
She moans and feels herself on the edge,
the edge of pure sexual blissful release.

Breathless and sweaty,
she opens her eyes to realize she was dreaming again,
but the moans were real.

© Deborah McConnell

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