The Great Dictator~ by Portia Burton

The Great Dictator~ by Portia Burton

Alas, these days circumstances are such
That any normal person will become bilious,
When every morning he sees in the world news
How the leaders have forgotten their sacred purpose.

We see how a person who was once a freedom-fighter
Has become a looter of his country due to power-lust,
And yet his beguiled fellow countrymen,
Falling pray to his ploy, still hold him in trust.

Amidst stark poverty he talks about progression,
And though his convoluted argument is full of contradiction,
His people still love him as their ‘inamorato’,
Oh, the sheer height of mindless idolization!

That dictator will never think of any devolution,
Being afraid of even a fictitious patriot,
He has sent integrity and altruism for a toss,
And any expression of dissent is crushed as a ‘riot’.

Even the moral code of conduct is subject to inversion,
Religion has been declared as ‘useless’ already,
Unmindful of the alarming helix of rising poverty,
For him the travails of the people is a mere ‘comedy’.

That once beautiful country is going to ruination,
Corrupts are getting rewards,t he pious face damnation.

©Portia Burton 2012

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