Remembering~ by Dawn Mclaughlin

Remembering~ by Dawn Mclaughlin

I crave the moment remembering
when our hearts were beating as one
feeling your breath upon my skin
soaking all of me in.

Alive again in my dreams
slow movement in the shadows
shaping around me feeling strong.
cool breeze over me

You were fascinated with my eyes
blue as the sea and sky
once our bodies were heated
shaping together firm.

Loving hands sensations
running through my veins
obsessed overcome with emotion
finding it hard to forget.

Always knowing thoughts of regret
a sin a passionate desire
the guilty pleasures
paroxysm bursting.

Sometimes the agony of longing
i scream out for you
nothing only silence
you were the power behind me.

Was i an object being fooled
devastation was i played
was i the blame torn feeling worlds apart
you yes vibrations through my heart.

Every bit of me hurt
you and i stood parallel
face to face heart to heart
oh why did we have to depart.

Amorous we were dancing with the stars
moonlighting oh it was fun
i loved you from my soul
all i am now is heartbroken.

©Dawn Mclaughlin 2012

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