HeartBreak~ by Gerald Saidi

HeartBreak by Gerald Saidi

Screaming as the swelling quill reclines against her,
Instantly becoming alive to sweep of hot adrenalin,
Reaching out to caress the primal object of her desire,
Torn between urgency and pleasure,
Their lips amorously merging, gently, slowly,
A pool of tingling vibrations swirling in her womb she fumbles with his provocative poetry,
Their breaths heated as they mesh with one heartbeat,
An agony of desire shooting through her spine as he fondles her delicate stanzas,
Gripped with a paroxysm of a liquefying touch of sensual grace as he touches her feminine sonnet,
Desire burning their skins with passionate sweat as they merged,
Their minds arrested with momentary sensuality,
Celine Dion’s the Power of Love singing their bodies to a sweet tempo,
The movement of their primed bodies rhythmic,
Craving to touch and be touched with a thunder of overmastering pleasure,
Sensations flowing through her crimson thighs as he wrapped her voluptuous body into his arms,
Feeling his racing heartbeat as he sucks on the sweet verse of her lips,
Sometimes tipped over the edge as he ravaged her seductive poetry,
Fascinated as they roll with total pleasure,
Committed to sweep away past devastations,
Lying parallel to each other as he gazes into the feminine heaven of her eyes,
Overcoming the organismic tide of love,
Only if this is not the beginning of a HEARTBREAK!

© Gerald Saidi 2012

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